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Title: Anyone have the Laguna P flux 1 ?
Post by: Sbradley0911 on November 07, 2020, 09:24 PM
Looking into getting the Laguna p flux 1.5hp for my small shop and wanted to see if anyone has it and their thoughts on it.  If anyone does, how are you using it?  Plumbed in with drops at each tool location, if so is there a noticeable drop in cfm ? I know Laguna is doing 10% off black Friday promo coming up soon so I'm thinking I gonna pull the trigger.  I  have a ct26 and the ct cyclone that I use with all of my festool stuff but when I use bigger tools like my tablesaw it's just not enough.  I could probably get away with one of those 25ft expandable flex hoses from Rockler and move it around when I need but would consider plumbing it in if I wouldn't get a significant drop in cfm... thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts.