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Ladies and Gents
I am a long time" festoolian" here and I think we all have one thing in common. Efficiency and Accuracy and making our work less tedious w/ few errors. I have been installing walk in closet systems etc ( www.customclosetsbyjoffe )and the process of going to a customers house and drawing out the floor plan and writing it all down w/ my illegible handwriting :) and then coming back to the office and realizing I forgot measurements and made mistakes cost me dearly. SO I have been researching a better way for many months. I cam across this phenomenal product that has changed my business. I go to  customer, I attach a small laser to my phone , I take a picture of the walls I am going to install organizers on and I am done. I no longer spend 1/2 hour taking measurements w/ lasers and tape measures. THE 3D PICTURE  application is amazing - so are all the laser functions .
I save the picture to the folder and BOOM. I can access ANY measurement from the picture at ANY time from my phone or IPAD. I submit my measurements via a picture to my CAD designers  ( and now they can visually see the space - better outcome and better project) for the organizers and NOW I no longer have to draw out plans. I send them pictures of the space/w measurements on the "picture" and if they need more measurements' I can give it to them in seconds.
 Forgot to measure the outlet to wall distance - no problem. forgot to get the height of and outlet - no problem. Want to see if the walls are at 90 degrees  and straight  - no problem. Want the diameter  of a circle, want to divide a wall into 4 equal parts and set a level line for cabinets etc NO problem.
I purchased a unit , and was blown away, I have not stopped taking about :).
In fact I just met with the CEO ( inventor - magician:) )on Thursday for  few hours.  He gave me coupons for free shipping on all his units. They have not reached the full retail price which is going to be $50 more. I believe the price now is $149.It's a new product on the market
 Have a look at the product. I would be happy to answer questions if I can or get them answered . He is working on more mind boggling add-ons to the software that he adds each week or so  w/free updates

If you would like a coupon code ( I have a few that he gave me that are one time use per individual, message me or send me an email.


They expire Feb 8 ,2019


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Well it's nice that there are alternatives. Until now, this has been the only show in town to the tune of $3000-$4000.

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Hi can you design right on your smart phone

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How accurate are the measurements in your experience?

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Yeah, it seems somewhat subjective, dependent as it is on where you place the cursor. I suppose for rough measurements this would work find but I wouldn't want to design anything accurate from it.
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 I was looking for a specification of its accuracy, but could not find anything on the web site except that it has "high level of accuracy".

Although later in the a$$cover text in the manual, it says the system "... is a good reference but please don't use it as the only basis for your measurement results"

Have you seen anything that they will guarantee a certain accuracy?

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Your post sound like an ad...... but the Kickstarter page shows quite the opposite, not a single post claiming your accuracy and plenty of dissatisfied backers (no support for phones, no needed adapters and lots of complaints about accuracy).

So I would say be warned...... just like with nearly all Kickstarts.

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If you go to the website and click on the floor plan video, they are measuring the inset depth of doors from the wall surface. On one of the doors they measured an inset of .17m on one side and .14m on the other side. That's a difference 0f 1 3/16".   [eek]

I think it's more an issue with operator error than laser error.

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BY no means am I advertising this item.Just thought it would be helpful.
Since inception they have made MANY many improvements.  A lot of users have not understood how to use the unit and the instructions are not that great so I understand the neg. comments some might have. They are working on more exact detail instructions.
YES - the laser point can be subjective based on the user experience. It is for a rough estimate. The 3D picture is spot on. just did 10 different tests w/ the inventor. In fact my Bosch  laser ( not the ARRIM ) was off due to human error- it was not 100% level when measuring and the ARRIM caught the error.
For 100% measurements ( and frankly easier) is to use the 3D picture function. It has ( and not disclosed on the web or instruction ) a round target like curser ( all you do is touch the screen in that function and it will pop up) that you use to pinpoint a starting and ending point and you can magnify the picture .
They are also near completion of being able to upload the picture to your computer and you can zoom in and use a cursor for the measurement.
You can do a floor plan with the laser which is very easy. ( Can't draw on the picture - someone asked) but you can upload it to a photo editor and draw on that