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Woodpeckers skill square and XT
« on: January 14, 2022, 10:59 AM »
Got my package yesterday. Was excited but realized they shipped both the skill square and skill square xtr, so I needed to call this morning about that. They did only charge for the one. I did open the box and the skill square xt came out. Sadly it had an issue. It wasn't at 90degrees. Over four inches the lines I drew varied almost 1/16" I drew a line flipped it and drew another. It was way out, lined up with the TSO MTR 18 triangle, and way out compared to the woodpecker precision triangle. My Milwaukee framing square was more square. Woodpecker was easy to work with their customer service rep was on top of it. I always dread an issue and the need to call a CS group because some are just a pain to work with but this company seems to have quality people on their CS desk. They set up a warranty replacement and are shipping a return label for the box I have. Thanks, Woodpeckers for being professional. No company is perfect and sometimes a product with an issue slips through so that doesn't bother but the way it is handled is the deciding factor on who I do business wiht.
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Re: Woodpeckers skill square and XT
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 01:16 PM »
Yeah, Woodpeckers guarantee is for real.  Had an issue with my 26" square a couple of years ago -- somewhat mysteriously (since I hadn't dropped it as far as I know) it had gone out of square after a few years of use.  Sent it in, and they sent me back a brand new one, no questions asked.
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Re: Woodpeckers skill square and XT
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2022, 07:27 AM »
Yep woodpeckers support is on point.  Had an issue with the bushing adapter that didn't fit festool universal adapter.  Emailed them, had the replacement part in under 2 weeks (they had to mill a new set).  No questions asked and I wasn't the original owner either

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Re: Woodpeckers skill square and XT
« Reply #3 on: January 20, 2022, 08:35 AM »
Another thumbs up for woodpeckers service.  I lost a set screw on their router lift.  I emailed ONLY to ask the size of the screw so I could buy one... and they replied stating replacement screws were in the mail.

I also broke the clear plastic that holds my 1280 Square.  They sent a replacement for that as well.

Even though these are small cheap items, the services was extremely quick, no questions asked

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Re: Woodpeckers skill square and XT
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2022, 12:08 PM »
I received the replacement last week and it is much much better. It was weird that two squares in the box were both so far out but this one is where I expected it. No hassle made a new one for me quickly. Thanks Woodpeckers.
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Re: Woodpeckers skill square and XT
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2022, 12:48 PM »
My Milwaukee 4" speed square was square out of the package.  It appears to be made from an extrusion instead of a casting.  The edges are machined square. 

A handy size for an apron pocket.   It is also red.  [big grin]

Not a one-time tool, it is still available for about $10.00.  The other markings seem accurate but I have not really tested them.