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Hi all,

here's my take on an all American product I really love - the Occidental Leather 5520 5-in-1 Tool Holder.

I'm overweight. This means that adding additional bulk mostly gets me pretty unhappy fast, + I rarely need pouches for nails/screws/other consumables.

But what I do like to minimize is having to bend down for tools, especially when working in a place where I can't put all my tools in an easy to reach place for whatever reason. Additionally I have tools, like the Jokari Cable Knife (that comes in very, very handy when you have to remove long, long parts of insulation from high mm^2 diameter cable for in-wall or outdoor use) that is very bulky, has no sheath and obviously the utility blade is pretty easily damaged.

(Jokari Cable Knife) Picture copyright by Jokari.

Here comes the Occidental Leather 5520 5-in-1 Tool Holder to the rescue. The large "Oxi Tool Shield" compartment easily takes my Jokari Cable Knife and an additional small slotted (or any other small) screwdriver. A carpenters pencil (My favorite is the Stryker), another large Screwdriver and of course a Hammer. (I also, when I need it sometimes, put in my small Estwing Axe instead of the Hammer) The pliers compartment takes almost all pliers I have - from the Knipex Electrical Installation Pliers, Side Cutter or Water Pump Pliers (with one handle) to my Leatherman - depending on what I need.

I'm very pleased with the quality of craftsmanship and material, it's very useful and, at least I think so  [eek] [tongue], looks pretty neat next to my Randall knife ;)

When I have to remodel a shed next year, I will most definitely be shopping for one of their nail pouches.

Kind regards,
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