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Hi all,

not so special but maybe nice to know: certain Knipex products/sets are available in a branded MINI-Systainer and Knipex also offers the branded MINI-systainer empty (97 90 00 LE).

I'm going to show you the crimping assortment with crimping pliers for end sleeves/ferrules 97 90 06 which consists of the crimping pliers 97 71 180 and an assortment of insulated/collared end sleeves/ferrules.

(I went over my dealers decal in both pictures, thats why the left part of the front side looks a bit blurry)

Included are the following end sleeves (ferrules):

   End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 14 / 8 mm   200   0,5 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 14 / 8 mm   200   0,75 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 14 / 8 mm   200   1 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 14 / 8 mm   200   1,5 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 14 / 8 mm   150   2,5 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 17 / 10 mm   75   4 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 20 / 12 mm   75   6 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 22 / 12 mm   50   10 mm²   
    End Sleeves (ferrules) with collar, 24 / 12 mm   40   16 mm²   

which can all be crimped with the included pliers.

This is a very basic set for people like me who have to crimp small sizes every now and then and who do not require to crimp on live wires. However there is also a VDE tested variant, rated at 1000V of the 97 71 180 pliers, it's pliers #97 78 180.

As one would expect from Knipex and Tanos both pliers and MINI-systainer with inserts are very well made - the inserts fit very well, you can turn the systainer in any direction the crimps (and of course inserts) stay where they should.

Small careless mistake: They should have put the list of content on the side where the handle is (just like Festool does), so you can find the needed set in a stack of maybe all the same (Knipex) MINI-systainer, especially if you got more than one crimping set.

Kind regards,

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very nice lil kit there! thanks for sharing
When youre feeling depressed just treat yourself to a systainer even if its a mini systainer its ok.

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I've always been a big fan of Knipex, their tools have served me well.
It's always interesting to see what tools are available in Europe as We don't seem to see tool sets like those available down here.