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Title: The 6th one is done.
Post by: Crazyraceguy on August 05, 2022, 07:28 PM
As many of you have seen from the beginning, I have been building these nurse station desks for a while now. They are all effectively the same, just minor differences in the straight sections between the curves, to accommodate the space where they fit. There will be 8 units in total, 4 of them mirror images of the others. This one is number 6, so I'm getting there, finally.
Things have changed a bit though. The last 2 are going to have to come apart into smaller pieces. In the first phase, the parts could be lifted to the second floor through an opening in a wall. That has since been eliminated, so the last pair are going to have to fit into an elevator. That means sections that are no longer than 8 feet. As they have been done, they are 8 pieces. The modified units will probably end up as 12?