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Title: Second barn wood project
Post by: Crazyraceguy on March 19, 2021, 11:01 AM
It's strange for this to come up so soon. I just finished that last desk a few weeks ago and here is another project with even more?
This one is much more involved. It is a basement bar with base cabinets (not pictured here) that have very dark stained maple flat panel doors and an end panel of the weathered wood. This upper shroud goes on a stone countertop that someone else is fabricating. This all goes against a wall/corner.
Then a peninsula goes in front of it, with the same style doors and more of the weathered barn wood covering it. The end cabinets will get doors with a wire mesh, but they were still in the finish department when I took these pics. It will also get a top cap that bridges across the cabinets and will have some more lights too.
The TS55 made this a far easier project than the time I worked with this stiff years ago. Unlike the desk I did a few weeks ago, this one has pieces with worn/weathered edges too. Sounds simple, except that none of the boards available were the correct width. The track makes it easy to cut a straight edge on a crooked board. I did it with a sled last time and it works ok for square edges, but beveling those edges at 45 degrees to miter-fold was not as easy.
Most of the overlay pieces on this were either mitered around a corner or to return the edges of boards that were too wide. I have no idea what the tops will look like, but will post update pics when it gets installed.
Title: Re: Second barn wood project
Post by: jobsworth on March 20, 2021, 12:15 PM
Looks great. I have to make couple of them and have need to make them for a while. One of these days I get around to it guess.