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Title: Expandable height adjustment on C-Table ?
Post by: Intex on December 01, 2019, 12:33 PM
After finishing a C-Shaped end table, I must have taken too many cuts, since the vertical piece came out 1.5" too short, and if I use the table to slide under a taller chair, it is about 5" too short. Has anyone tried to cut a VERTICAL MEMBER in half, then extend it using two S/Steel flat stock pieces imbedded into the bottom half, and running loose in slots in the top half? I can either route grooves, insert the steel shafts, then cover with another wood cap or make new ones with a sandwich of 3/8" oak, then spacers to fit the flate stock, then another 3/8" full size cap piece.

I want to use the tables (3) as work tables or dinner tables while Im watching TV on favorite chairs, but the favs both have arms at different ieights.

See attached sketch