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Title: Easy Leak Fix
Post by: Birdhunter on September 07, 2020, 06:16 AM
It’s a 25 year old home of about 7500 sq ft. Full partially finished basement/ major tool shop.

I noticed water intrusion and tracked it to a plant watering system on a brick porch. The caulking between the brick porch and the stucco wall had deteriorated and the water from the watering system was infiltrating the failed caulking.

Easy fix. Right?

Well, after digging out the old caulk, I squirted in a nice bead of new caulk. Let it dry and applied the paint I had so cleaverlly kept. This paint rolled off the caulk within minutes,

Now to dig out the unpaintable caulk only after trying the paint store solution of using a primer. The primer just made a bigger mess.

The new caulk worked well and took to paint like a lonely cowboy takes to a pretty barmaid. The remaining trick was to get masking  tape to stick to brick. I had to water down the brick and let it dry completely before taping. Finally, the tape and brick became friends and I could start painting again. A good 30 minute job ended up at 3 hours over 4 hot days,but the wife is happy now.