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Title: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: Woodworkingnut on January 19, 2020, 05:37 PM
Seven years ago I submitted a post on building a cyclone dust collector for my Festool  vacuum. It still serves me well. I have found a few things that I think will improve its function for me. So back to the drawing board for the big vacuum. Keeping with my Festool obsession I have over the years added two more Festool vacuums to my shop. Large, medium, and mini, The medium vacuum has a cyclone attached to a beverage systainer that I purchased at Woodcraft for 50% off. The mini has a cyclone attached ,but seems too tall to me. So I have built another version which is more compact. Unfortunately I have discovered this version has lowered the CFM. I have built another version that while compact brings my CFM back up to where it should be. This new design can be used on the larger vacuums with good results. I would like to see what others have done , but don't know where on this forum to find them. If you can assist me please send me a message.
Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: Russty on January 19, 2020, 05:47 PM
jigs and tool enhancement section is probably where you will find this stuff. did you try the search function.
i posted this a while ago showing video of my cyclone mod to a ctl midi. im sure there are plenty others too.
Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: SRSemenza on January 19, 2020, 06:22 PM

  Welcome back!

     You probably are aware but just to make sure .....................  Festool now offers a Systainercentric cyclone (or whatever anyone's personal technical term may be) unit.

     CT Cyclone CT-VA-20 (https://www.festoolusa.com/products/dust-extraction/pre-separator/204083---ct-va-20#Overview)

Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: edwarmr on January 19, 2020, 08:23 PM
I’m in the process of building a cyclone completely enclosed in Systainers. Like you I used a Systainer with the “thermal insert”. Same as the cooler box but the one I’m using is a Sys 3 box to save on space. I’m using the Static Dissipative Dust Deputy (black version) enclosed in a Sys 4 that sits on top of the Sys 3 with the EEP thermal box insert. The two Systainers have a round hole cut in them that allows the Dust Deputy to drop down. In order to fit the Dust Deputy in the Sys 4 it has to drop partway into the thermal insert lid area. I’ll attach pictures when I’m done to illustrate this better.
Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: sandy on January 21, 2020, 09:11 PM
I designed and built a pre-separator that mounts on a Festool dust collector and that can be built for about $60.  However, Festool, which owns the FOG site, considers it to be a “competitive” product, so I cannot post any information about it on the FOG.

Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: Dane on January 21, 2020, 11:56 PM
You should take a look at the ShopHacks site.  That guy does a lot of testing on his builds and has come up with what he says is a super effective cyclone design that you can actually incorporate a filter into.  He says it’s about a 15.00 build.
Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: derekcohen on January 26, 2020, 08:49 PM
Reply for Rusty ...

I made one like this about 4 or 5 years ago. From experience, as you discovered, the paint tin needs to be strong enough to withstand the forces of suction.



The machine here is a Festool CT26E.

With Festool, you need anti-static, and the Dust Commander cyclone (on eBay) is made of anti-static material, but so are the hoses and all the fittings. It does not help to some and not all.

The other difference is that I use a smaller Festool systainer. The paint tin is attached to this. This arrangement has two advantages. Firstly, it is quicker to build and a sure fit   :)   and the second, the inside is a useful container ...

This is where the transformer for a Mirka sander lives. One could also keep hose attachments in there ...



Regards from Perth

Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: jasen on January 27, 2020, 03:35 AM
@derekcohen  Is the paint tin permanently attached to the systainer lid? Or can you remove the tin to empty? Cheers
Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: derekcohen on January 27, 2020, 07:53 AM
The paint tin is bolted to the systainer. To empty, the systainer is unclipped, and the combination carried away (The systainer - originally for a C12 drill) is compact, so this is not an issue).

Regards from Perth

Title: Re: Cyclone dustcollection
Post by: Woodworkingnut on January 27, 2020, 04:20 PM
I guess what I found was 1000 ways to get the same job done. I put a video on youtube titled Festool Dust Collectors with a Cyclone. saw some ideas that I want to incorporate in mine. Like I mentioned previously I have three a CT 33, CT 26, and Mini. I think I can justify having so many, not really but.... each one has a different purpose and because of that I have built three different cyclone setups.