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Small vanity project.
« on: May 21, 2007, 02:56 PM »
In this project I'm making a small vanity for a long time friend of mine. The vanity will be going in a small powder room is his vacation home, a little cottage on Lake Erie in Ohio. Here is a SketchUp drawing.

The idea is from a vanity he saw at one of the big box stores, I'll be making it to fit the his space, 18" wide, 16" deep and 29" tall.

Vanity back.

  The vanity will be paint grade, poplar and plywood. Here's a straight forward project, only a few hours to complete. To get started, I'll size the plywood side, 15"x29".

Here I'm measuring for the rip cut.

I have the plywood on a set of saw horses with a few 2x's Domino'ed together. I'm using the TS55, but of course you could use a table saw.

Once the sides are ripped, I'll move then to the MFT to be crosscut.

More to come.....

Here is a link to my site, it has the SkrtchUp file of the vanity, you can download it, it the last file on the page. SketchUp Vanity File

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Re: Small vanity project.
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2007, 04:14 PM »

I use the stop on the MFT whenever I need two or more pieces to be the same size. It really speeds up the cutting of panels not having to measure each piece.

This is the bottom/floor of the vanity being cut to width, notice I have the stop set, I will cut the back pieces and the inside toe kick next, they need to be the same size.

I've cut to length the back and inside toe kick pieces, now they need to be ripped to 4". It can be a bit of a challenge to rip pieces smaller than the width of the guide rail, here is one way to do it. I use a larger piece that is known to be square, it this case the vanity side that I already sized. Place it on the MFT and but the piece to be ripped up to it of support. After I get it all lined up, I set the stop so the whole thing can't move during the cut and to make the next two pieces the same.

Here it is ripped to 4".

With the plywood all cut to size, I'll move on to the poplar.

The rails and stiles are cut the same way.

This is what I ended up with, the front toe kick, stiles and rails for the doors and the top panel.

I've laid the arch out on the front toe kick.

Just finishing the arch cut out.

Coming soon: Time for assembly.