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  1. Miterfold Origami
  2. Hand tool storage cabinet for my bench
  3. 9 ft. tall Cherry cabinet and stacked adjustable shelf
  4. H&K Custom Barn Doors
  5. Boxes from Uluru
  6. Roubo'ish bench
  7. Cake photo box
  8. A bit of a different perspective
  9. Starmix meets Festool CA-VA
  10. First Veritas joinery table project -- Table saw front rail drawer
  11. The 6th one is done.
  12. Hinge Positions on Heavy Doors
  13. Wainscoting: Domino overkill?
  14. Shed storage and shoe rack ( happy wife....)
  15. More Kumiko
  16. cane insert cabinet door
  17. PVC edgebanding on a rabbet
  18. Open Joint
  19. Modified Seneca/Incra Parallel Guides
  20. Request for advice table build
  21. Slatted bathroom bench
  22. HR Giger - Biomechanical wall art (Part 3)
  23. Tool Storage 2 (Systainer)
  24. HR Giger - Biomechanical wall art (Part 1)
  25. HR Giger - Biomechanical wall art (Part 2)
  26. It’s All Good
  27. Dresser
  28. Wackiest, most ‘out-there’ build in woodworking history ??
  29. Suggestions for door lock/latch hole repair
  30. dog kennel
  31. Big table
  32. Slim Shaker Doors
  33. Back to the miterfold project
  34. Stairs "floating" oak.
  35. The 4th iteration of the big, angled desk
  36. Mystery Panel Fit
  37. Rift-sawn white oak countertop: Scribe to wall or backsplash moulding??
  38. Blum Full overlay hinges interfere with drawer behind door
  39. Gave the DF500 a bit of a workout today.
  40. A few rooms
  41. 3rd version, mirror image of the last one.
  42. need advise for wall paneled walls
  43. Just completed bookcase
  44. Mirror and tie cabinet
  45. Modest cherry corner shelf with curved drawers
  46. Drill Collars
  47. Hive Handholds
  48. Second go-round with the cone corner desk
  49. Attaching mirror glass to backer board
  50. phone charging table updated, pics added