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  1. Shaper Origin Mini Systainer
  2. Drawer Slides in Cabinet for Stacking Washer / Dryer
  3. Dining Table from Reclaimed White Oak using OF2200
  4. 'Carpe Diem' = the 15-hour double bed ....
  5. Another BF/MFT Build
  6. Finally got to the KV up and over hardware
  7. H&K Custom Barn Doors
  8. Bonsai Bench
  9. Storage Bench Help
  10. Finish trim for the underside of wall cabinets
  11. Shop-made custom length Dominos for a job
  12. Alternative To Cross Dowel Construction?
  13. Origin bit organizer, updated more pics
  14. Finally finished my daughters kitchen
  15. Old job came up today.
  16. Ash Trestle Desk
  17. Check-in station
  18. Blum undermount upgrade ?
  19. Origin makes a very different inlay
  20. Ash Chairs
  21. Ash Pedestal Table
  22. David Barron Dovetail alignment jig
  23. French cleat brackets
  24. How do you define “Reface a kitchen”?
  25. Stairs
  26. Another walnut project WIP
  27. A kitchen 100 years older than the USA
  28. Bicycle shelter/shed (5.5' x 7') on uneven surface (8% slope)
  29. Two new lamps
  30. Small cart, big box joints (Shaper Origin)
  31. more new lamps
  32. Fairly rare complete mock-up....mostly.
  33. Big assembly
  34. Made in Spain, Fixed in Canada
  35. I built a timber hinge, 1100mm long!
  36. stuck drawer - UPDATE!!
  37. base cabinet squareness
  38. Display "boxes" finished installed
  39. Solid edge band clamps
  40. Cash wrap for gift shop
  41. Just another garage guide rail hanger project
  42. DIY MFT Table Setup Questions
  43. How to cut white oak veneer
  44. MFT Bench clamps clearance
  45. Sanding to 220 question
  46. Fiddly hand work of little pieces in solid surface
  47. How to deal with stripped out Blum drawer slide screws
  48. Torsion Boxes
  49. Pass-through top. had to be remade
  50. Advice on construction of frameless sink cabinet (recessed sink)