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« on: July 26, 2015, 01:37 PM »

Firstly I must confess, I currently do not own any Festool equipment, I wasn't even aware of Festool, some of my friends think I'm way behind the times, bit of a dinosaur when it comes to woodworking, I'm neither a joner, carpenter or indeed work in any of the construction trades, I am a Motorsport Engineer.

All my woodworking experience has come from DIY around the house and garden, learning as I go, all my woodworking tools are traditional hand tools, the only power tool I use when woodworking, is the use of my trusty pillar drill, everything else is done by hand.

Earlier this year, when moving Granite cobble sets into my garden, I sustained muscle damage to my left arm, seems I can't do at 48 years of age, what I could 20 years ago.

My friends have been telling me for years, to stop using hand tools, and drag myself into the 21st century, and purchase modern tools, making my life easier, that said, I'm a perfectionist and time to complete a job is not important.

With the damage to my left arm muscle and ageing eyesight, maybe it's time to invest in a few power tools to make life easier, having spent much of this week researching power tools, the main names that keep coming up, are of course Festool, Axminster, Jet, Hammer/Felder and the usual construction site names, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee etc etc etc.

As I don't work in the construction industry, I can rule out any of the battery tools, all my work is DIY around the home/garden, and if I'm going to invest in power tools, then I want proper workshop tools, I have the room to house them, so here is a list of what I would like to start with.

Table saw/cabinet saw (sliding possibly)


Mitre saw

Dust extraction

Router and table to match

I think that might do for now, any recommendations will be very gratefully received, oh about the Mitre saw, it seems the Festool Kapex 120 might be the one, a company here in the UK, FFX have it for sale at £818 is this a good price ?

Many thanks.
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Re: Newbie.
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Hello Czar, I don't own a kapex myself but use one at work regularly. A very good mitre saw but I must confess there is cheaper and in MHO just as good a brand beginning with B! Check them out first but if you've made your mind up for a festool then try Nuts & Bolts festool system supplier as they're generally cheaper even than ffx.