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Hello from the UK
« on: April 13, 2017, 03:39 PM »
Hi all

Been lurking a while, quietly doing my pre purchase research on this very informative forum  [smile]

My first purchases turned up this week - TS55, 2 Rails, Midi extractor + tools, OF1010 set, LR32 set & rail, Parallel Guide & extensions + extra clamps and accessories.

Had some time off earlier in the week so spent a few hours playing and built a DIY MTF style fabrication table. Met a few issues with the Rails which I will post seperatly but really enjoyed the tools and the dust extraction on the OF1010 was amazing when cutting the 100 odd holes out!  [big grin]

Table completed and painted festool Grey, it will do me for starters and pretty pleased with it for a couple of hours work and <£50 in materials: