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Re: Describe Yourself as a Woodworker
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Re: Describe Yourself as a Woodworker
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Hello All,

I'm new here. I do some woodworking for fun in my spare time. I've posted a few slab table projects on lumberjocks in the past. My skill set is very limited but because of my company, I have access to interesting left-over cuts of wood once in a while. So basically, low skills + decent material = mostly minimal rustic projects where the wood is featured over craftsmanship.  ;D I do appreciate seeing other people's work. I look forward to participating here.

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Re: Describe Yourself as a Woodworker
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I am a danish carpenter and cabinetmaker/chairmaker (its combined under the same name over here). Ive been an apprentice as both carpenter and later cabinetmaker. Im selfemployed, and my bread and butter is kitchenfitting, on apartmentprojects with 10+ kitchens pr project. Besides that im doing carpentry with private customers, whos willing to pay the right price. Cheap, fast and easy, is not my style. I like the good stuff.

In my sparetime, I buy old classic scandinavian furniture, fix em up, and sell em for profit.

Im not really doing fine woodworking these days, but im spending some time in my weekends, to set up a shop where I have my storage for tools, wood, parts etc. Plan is to do own designs in the shop, and when the time is right, im getting a 1000-1500 square feet shop. Slowly moving away from carpentry and kitchen fitting. My heart is in the shop. Not at a construction site or at a private customer.

The furniture Ive done so far, is fine furniture in the simple scandinavian classic way. And I tend to keep it that way. We have a long history for classic handmade furniture, and I hope to carry that on, somehow.

For now, im a better carpenter than I am a cabinetmaker. I tend to change that very soon.
Danish carpenter and cabinetmaker, just me and my padawan :)