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Hi, My very first post on the FOG. Just getting into Festoolin'.
Today I purchased some Festool tools. One being a 55" guide rail fs 1400/2 and an mft/3 with the accompanying guide rail fs 1080/2.
I'm trying to figure out if I'm expecting things to be too perfect or do I need to be able to accept some what I perceive to be imperfections. As I run my finger along one of the light green slide strips of the guide rail that came with the mft/3 I feel a bump about a quarter of the distance from one end. Feels like maybe a piece of debris got stuck underneath. The other green strip on the mft/3 guide rail feels really smooth with no bumps and perfectly uniform smoothness, (if that is the best way to explain it). The two green strips on the 55" rail feel perfectly smooth. To me it seems like a beautifully engineered and constructed tool.
Can someone give me some advice on whether I'm expecting too much or whether I should see if I can replace the mft/3 rail guide with one that has the green strips as smooth as those on the 55" rail.

Also picked  up a Vecturo today and can immediately see how much better it is than the other oscillating tools I've used.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Yogi Steve

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 [welcome] To the FOG...

A photo would help, however if you can feel the aberration, it probably exists.

I’d try to lift the affected area slightly and probe gently underneath to find out what lies below. It’s probably something small that you can remove with a tweezers and then gently lay the green rub strip back down onto the rail.

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@YogiSteve - as a Festool customer and user myself, my suggestion would be to request a replacement. I don't think you'll be disappointed. You are entitled to experience the generally excellent service response.
Don't wait - enjoy your new tools and make more use of the FOG including posting about what you  aim to do with your tools.'

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I gave it a shot trying to get under the strip. Didn't do a perfect job but had some success. I would guess that the problem is that the brush that applied the glue to stick the strip to the metal had an overlap of about a centimeter which had the effect of twice the amount of glue at that spot. Couldn't get it to look like I would expect to be.

I guess I will notify Festool Canada here in Ottawa and see if they will replace it for me. I was really looking forward to the great engineering I am expecting from Festool. From what I can tell or judge so far the extra cost for the tools is well worth it.

Have a Kapex, Carvex 420, C18, ct26, MFT Kapex, MFT/3 and Vecturo and maybe the cordless plunge saw soon.
Intend to learn how to build cabinets for kitchen, other wood furniture for the house and eventually furniture that is good enough to get commissions for or give as gifts. Will be retiring in a few years and am starting to get set up now.

Thanks for your replies and support. Looks like a great place to hang out and get inspiration and motivation from.
Yogi Steve

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Ya if it’s something new, let Festool sort out the issues.  [big grin]

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