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Title: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: Deke on July 04, 2019, 08:49 AM
Part of the house has aluminum siding. Some day I would like replace this all with vinyl, but not now.

I am replacing a window with a smaller (less tall) window and will need to patch a row or two of aluminum siding. Of course there are no extra pieces laying around. Where the heck can I get this? It has a fake wood pattern to it and has been painted a light grey. I can paint it again to match. Any other options I might consider? A planter box below the window (half serious here). I live in suburban Philly area.
Title: Re: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: harry_ on July 04, 2019, 05:18 PM
Yeah, good luck with that. You may have to resort to removing a bottom (starter) piece from your house and installing a frieze board in it's place.

Basically, you'll have to scavenge. 
Title: Re: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: TinyShop on July 04, 2019, 05:52 PM
Look around your neighborhood and see if you can find any properties that feature the same siding. Often, this kind of product was sold door to door so maybe some other building nearby still has thesame style installed on it. If so, maybe you'll get lucky and find one undergoing renovation/demolition. If so you can scavenge. All you need is the same style - you can paint it to match. Alternatively, do you have a salvage business in your community? If so, check with them and see if they ever come across your siding. We've got several where I live and I'm always amazed at what they are able to offer. Otherwise, use this as the impetus to restore or replace whatever might be underneath. A big job, no doubt, but sometimes all that's needed to get started is a loose thread, so to speak. Finally, if the pattern isn't too complicated get a section fabricated locally. Or buy or rent yourself a break and fabricate something yourself. The end product doesn't need to be perfect - it just needs to blend well enough to not immediately catch the eye.


Is this window by any chance located above a roof (like a porch roof)? If so, why not just counterflash the bottom of it (under the new window's nailing flange and over the endwall flashing) and paint the counterflashing to match the siding (could even Trompe-l'œil this to look like it's part of the siding)? It sounds like it's just going to be semi-temporary anyways, at least until you get around to the future re-siding job. 
Title: Re: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: Bob D. on July 04, 2019, 07:29 PM
Put a 'wanted' ad on Craig's List, I might get a couple bites.

But checking with a couple recyclers in your area, or maybe
some remodelers or vinyl siding contractors. I bet they run
across the stuff all the time.

If they don't have any right now let them know how much you
need and if some comes in to give you a call. Can't hurt to ask.

It's funny you brought this topic up because I just drug out a pile of vinyl siding left over from when the previous owner added on to the garage (which became my shop). He must have saved every scrap of siding. I have two pieces at the bottom of a wall that I need to replace. We removed a wood deck that butted up to the wall and when they stained the deck the stain ran down the wall where no one could see it but now that the deck is gone it is in view. Many times I have thought about taking it to the dump in the past 20 years but now I am glad he saved it and I hung on to it all these years.
Title: Re: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: Jiggy Joiner on July 05, 2019, 03:09 AM
Could you not have a piece made up?
I often have aluminium pressings, trays and claddings etc made up, then take them to the powder coater.
We have very small, to quite large items made, and the smaller ones are not too expensive.
We have them made from 1-4mm aluminium. I just thought if you really can’t match it, you could have a piece made up.
Title: Re: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: Deke on July 05, 2019, 12:42 PM
Thanks for all the good advice everyone. I’ll do what I can to find some way to patch this. One option I am considering is patch it with siding that does not match (as that seems 99% certain), but then cover that with a garden box/planter thing I can put together to gain extra wife points! Later down the road all new vinyl siding. Thanks again.
Title: Re: Just need a little old aluminum siding
Post by: Bob D. on August 14, 2019, 01:57 PM
Don't know if you did any surfing but I just did a quick look and found that Menards lists some aluminum siding for sale.


I found a couple other places that have aluminum siding.

Here's another one:

I would try your local lumber yards, especially if you have one that's been around for a couple decades. They may have some sitting in a shed out back that they are dying to get rid of and free up the space.

Also try builders in your area who have been around for a while. They're probably not interested in coming out and replacing 10 SF of siding, not worth the fuel to get there. But they might have a couple pieces of siding laying around they would be willing to part with.

Good luck in your search and don't give up. If I knew where you were located I bet I could find some within 50 miles of you. Might need painting but I bet it's out there. :-)

If you're anywhere near Philly I found this as on CL:

Oh, wait, I just re-read your first post and you said you're in the Philly area, this CL ad is probably in your backyard.