Author Topic: whats your favorite way to install skirting(baseboard) to a wall with no grounds  (Read 2903 times)

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hi there

on jobs where i install skirting on walls with no grounds behind there ( big stones and weak morter, insulated slabs etc) i useually stick them with construction adhesive . i was wondering if there was a better way.
the problem with sticking them  is that you need to wedge them in position while the  adhesive sets. you have price in supports (usually 2 x1s) and cant work in the space while the 2x1s and wedging the skirting . you can also damage the skirting easily while wedging them. home owners arnt impressed with 15 2x1s across their hall when there kids are coming home  etc

what do ye do i  situations like this. there must be a better way
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stick em with something fast like foam or pu glue in a silicone type tube then the supports can be removed quickly. use nomal adhesive on straight walls mind you as they dont need wedging

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Pu foam get yourself a professional Teflon gun and use gun friendly canisters, buy in bulk saves loads of money 1 can of pu foam sticks lick    You know and goes miles will also work better if plaster is wet. I have a water spray gun I use first beforespy Is applied. If you need to fill a void  wet brick fist spray 2 or 3 lines ontop of each other and leave 4 five mins then cut off flush to plaster work. You can add timber into the pu foam. Never looked back

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+1 mentioned above!

Use foam sets a lot quicker even if you just fitted the last length of skirting at the end of the day by the time you packed up your tools and cleaned up. You will be able to remove the supports and go home.

some times second fix gun works using 32mm or slightly bigger just to grab while the glue/foam goes off.  I often get a small piece and nail the piece to see if it holds or bounces your gun off lol
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Hot glue gun….I haven't had any situations like this but a hot glue guns sets up quickly
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