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Title: Bolection mantel buildup
Post by: mrFinpgh on June 09, 2016, 07:20 PM
In my continuing line of projects on my house, I'm planning to replace one of the mantels with something a little nicer.

Here's the current iteration:

This was before I moved in.  The firebox has some damage to the brick and the hearth is a red tile.  I'm planning on repairing/covering both of these items.

What i'd like to do is a bolection mantel/surround.  Given the size of the room, I think this will be a little less obtrusive than the big projecting shelf that is there right now.   

Something similar in style to this, but probably not quite at this scale:

So I've been trying to work through some options as to how these can be built up. White River moldings has an example of one, but I'm guessing there is more than one way to do it.  I'd like to see if anyone else has suggestions.

Anyone ever do anything like this?   I see a lot of examples of other styles, but usually they are more classical or arts and crafts.  I have the Mario Rodriguez book on Mantels, but it doesn't go this direction either. 

Could I use crown molding in the build-up? I thought combining some cove and other profiles might make for a good look, but maybe others have tried this and can advise.