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We have about 20 balance beam scales that we use for counting parts and they are labeled "for parts counting only".  Also to comply with our ISO cert.  Those signs probably save us $4,000.00 a year. 

It is just expedient.  And we are able to get away with it.  And it does not impact our quality in any measurable way.
And it is fine as far as certifications go. The point of such standard requirements is to ensure accidental misuse is avoided the ISO (an other) standards leave it for the organization to choose a way how to (provably) do so.

Obviously, easiest is to not have an uncalibrated tool around. But marking is generally seen as fine too as long as it is easy to follow/understand for the employees and the policy is clear enough even a newcomer (or auditor) will be able to follow it.

I am not allowed to keep my personal caliper at the office.  It is not officially calibrated.  I could have it engraved with "not calibrated; do not use for quality assurance", but it is easier to take it home.
Strange policy.
To the contrary, it is the only (practical) policy that can ensure unverified measuring tools do not end up being used in production either by intention/convenience or by accident.

The only other is banning uncertified/uncalibrated tools altogether.

Not following such standards can lead and lead to from equipment seemingly randomly malfunctioning, dying earlier due to a wrong tolerance etc. etc. It is not self-serving.
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