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~ A future Philatelic Gem ~
« on: June 10, 2013, 01:09 PM »
Well maybe not, but it is a ringer! Show me another like it? Sooooo much better than a cruddy cardboard box with a drab postage label on it!  [big grin] [cool] [wink]

I just wanted to share how nice Samo was when he prepared my new Occidental Calculator(ie:Iphone with an Otterbox on it) Case. The shipping was a bit of dough  from his neck-of-the-woods to my neck-of-the-woods, but when I asked him to use some swanky US stamps to lessen the sting of the postage fee he kindly obliged!

All the stamps are properly cancelled with a nice postmark, which in itself is a bit of a rarity. The number of stamps that I get on modern covers that are not cancelled is unreal. I am also willing to bet that I could pop it on eBay and recover at least half of the postage fee back by selling the cover, but I don't sell stuff, I'm a keeper.  
[big grin]

Pretty quick delivery too! Door to door West Coast, USA to Southern Ontario, Canada in 6 days is very good! High 5's across the board on that one!!

The case is also in great shape, fits on my Occidental belt with the phone in it perfectly:

So thanks again Samo, this one goes into the 'Incoming Mail' Collection and maybe one day be a Philatelic Gem!

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p.s. - Any other stamp collectors out there? Give me a holla   [smile]

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