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Dumb stuff
« on: September 05, 2021, 10:02 AM »
1)  Over-lubricating your garage door rollers.
2) Leaving said garage door parked in the overhead position for the afternoon with your MFT parked under the rollers  ;D.  No biggie.  I never cared about having a pristine surface anyhow.
3) Cutting mortises for 8x40 dominos and forgetting to reset the depth stop to 15mm, wondering why the bit breached the show face of 3/4" stock on the 15mm depth setting, then realizng that you left the setting at 20mm from the previous series of mortises.  One thing I'm always cautious/paranoid about when making that first plunge into a vertical piece is not having my fingers directly on the other side. . . thank goodness!  So no injury, making it a great shop day.

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Re: Dumb stuff
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One of us
One of us
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