Author Topic: 2004 Rojek PK 300 Euro 3. What was this saw intended to do well?  (Read 283 times)

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I'm helping my neighbor go through her late husband's woodworking studio.  He died five years ago.  He appeared to be very thoughtful about his equipment, hand tools, and lumber selection.  He didn't have much space to work.  Maybe 500 square feet in his basement.  He had a Felder AD 531 with mortiser unit that he ordered over 10 years ago still on the pallet from the factory, never used.  I haven't been able to get to the Felder yet, its in the back of the space.  Right now I'm moving this Rojek PK300 Euro 3 sliding saw.  Its build date is 2004.  It's never been assembled.  I just peeled off the protective film and wiped it down with mineral spirits. I feel pretty confident that I've found all of the parts for it, but I'm struggling to understand what this saw would have been designed to do well.  It's the size of a standard cabinet saw, but it has a small sliding feature.  The surface area of the sliding table is around 18" x 14".  It appears to be the smallest saw Rojek offered at the time.  If anyone has worked with a similar saw I'd love to hear about your experience and whether a sliding table of this size is beneficial, and if so what it is meant to do well.  Thank you.
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