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PSA - Dust Collection
« on: May 07, 2019, 07:32 PM »
I am a part-time hobbiest / DIY type with a small shop and not much time to work in it.  I have a Shop-Vac with a Dust Deputy attached to a Bosch 4000 table saw with a Shark Guard, a CT-22 on a Kapex and a CT-36 with boom arm for everything else.

This past weekend I was re-arranging things and noticed the Dust Deputy was pretty heavy.  I didn't think it could be full because not using the TS that much, but when I opened it - completely full.  I mean completely.  So, I empty that and check the bag in the Shop-Vac - hardly anything, so the Dust Deputy is doing its job.

Later moving the CT-36 I wonder... easy to check and sure enough, almost full.  Oh well, I have bags for that and so changed it with no problem.

Plugging in the CT-36 I had to reach over the CT-22 - hmmm, surely the Kapex doesn't produce much dust but may as well check - of course, it was full too so I replaced the bag from my stash of CT-22 bags.

So apparently these things do fill up, and perhaps because I am not using them often it is easy to lose track of when it is time to empty them or replace the bags. 

Checking the dust collection machinery is are now on the schedule with replacing my furnace filter which I took care of at the same time.