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I was hanging around my local Woodcraft today and the conversation came around to an inherent problem with woodworking.  What do you do when you no longer need furniture, cabinets or anything else you planned on building?  This question doesn't pertain to the pros who use their tools daily to make money, every day there should be a project at hand.  However, once everything is built, what then? I have struggled with this, like of lot of us, as I have a lot of money invested in tools but often stare at them wondering what I can do next and what can I do with the project when completed?  For me, I have always enjoyed making cutting boards and have given them away to friends and family but even that supply is limited.  I have clients who appreciate them as well.  Fortunately, my nephew owns a small winery about an hour or so away with a nice tasting room.  The plan is to make several different size cutting boards, cheese and cracker boards and coaster sets for sale out there.  That can keep me busy enough to actually make some money to continue to fund my tool habit .  ;D .  I have a jones to get the new Mafell DDF40 even though I don't have anything at the moment where I can utilize it.  I'll figure out something.  What about you guys who are hobbyists like me?  Have you run out projects? 
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