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On the topic of hand sanitizer
« on: March 21, 2020, 03:10 PM »
Given the recent coronavirus pandemic, I began looking at the various bottles of hand sanitizer I had around the shop and house only to find the a couple had turned to jelly and refused to pump out on my hands.  The solution was simple.  I added just a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the bottle and shook it up.  Once I got to the right consistency for pumping, I stopped adding alcohol.  Done! 

"I hope this helps!"

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Re: On the topic of hand sanitizer
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2020, 06:02 AM »
That can help, but maybe not. The stuff - at least the kind that is able to neutralize virus based contaminations - shouldn't not have turned into jelly in the first place, in case it did it likely isn't the concentration you want it to have.

But as you seem to have isopropyl alcohol at hand:
Make fresh hand sanitizer yourself, you want 70% by volume concentration for it to have the best effect (see here). Similar is true when using ethanol, but then you want 80% (so certain casket strength kinds of single malt can do the trick, though quite expensive they're also good to disinfect your inside).

Use distilled water to dilute the 99.8 isoprop (you have for degreasing in the shop) down to 70% - then you're ready to go.

Add ~1.4% by volume glycerol to make it less harsh to your skin, skip this for use as disinfectant for dead things (like to spray your loot from the supermarket, especially fresh produce). Should you be diseased and make the stuff for others add ~4.1% by volume Hydrogen peroxide 3% and let the result sit for three days, if you are healthy and prepare it in a clean environment (or just for yourself to protect you from new things, as everything you can contaminate it with is already on/in you) you can skip the H2O2 as it's just used to disinfect the container.

Adjust amount of water used to dilute the alcohol depending on adding (or not) glycerol and/or H2O2.

Do not use ethanol based disinfectants to spray your food as these are made from methylated spirits which will change the flavor of your food - when using it as hand sanitizer you also need to wash your hands long and good before touching food to not transfer the this is not for drinking taste.
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