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Oil extractor
« on: June 25, 2021, 11:32 AM »
I've always done oil changes on my Subarus because the filter is under the hood and I put a Fumoto valve underneath in place of the drain plug. It's too easy and I don't enjoy waiting around for someone else to do it for me. I don't normally bother doing anything for the wife's car besides air filters because they're a giant ripoff at the dealer.

She's up for an oil change and they wanted $90 or so to do her Pacifica. Not totally unreasonable but I decided to look into it and sure enough her car has the filter under the hood like mine. I kept seeing fluid extractors mentioned on Pacifica forums. My current Subaru doesn't have the Fumoto valve yet since I bought it last year and have driven a whopping 5k miles in 15 months.

I went with a Mityvac 7201 and will probably do her van this weekend. Between the filter under the hood, the mityvac, and an oil temp sensor to make sure it isn't too hot for the Mityvac in both vehicles I'm actually looking forward to doing oil changes again. Slide the mityvac tube down the fill line, give it a few pumps, loosen the filter, then go back inside. When it's time to empty it you push a button the other way and it can dispense the fluid back into the empty containers of oil. Pretty nifty.

Anyway, wish I would've bought one years ago. I have a couple small capacity fluid extractors I use for bleeding brakes but could've really used a large capacity extractor on my motorcycle back when I was working on it often.


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Re: Oil extractor
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2021, 12:23 PM »
I have a Grand cherokee with the filter under the hood.  Its nice having it there.  Those Fumoto valves kind of scare me.  I would never have one back where I used to live but here in the city maybe. I can change the oil in the grand cherokee without even jacking it up so I dont really mind taking out the oil drain plug.  I bought one of these and love it.  The machining was top notch and like how the magnet is totally encased in the bolt so I dont ever have to worry about it coming loose.  I will also say it does pick up metal particles each oil change so it is working and a little satisfying each time I clean it off. Nothing big mind you but the oil on the tip has super fine metallic look to it.  Not sure how much difference it will make long term but I typically keep my cars a long time so a little extra insurance cant hurt.