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I saw that OpenSky was offering "Members Mark" pineapple spears.  I was curious because Members Mark is a brand name for the house brand of products offered at Sam's Club.  A quick look online reveals that these are not Sam's Club products, but knockoffs.

If you see ads for OpenSky, Dot & Bow or StoreNVY, you are really seeing ads for Alibaba.  Alibaba owns all of those outlets.

The company was founded by John Caplan and Kevin Ambrosini in 2009 with a mission to power the world’s entrepreneurs. Through a series of acquisitions since that time, OpenSky, Inc. is now owned by Alibaba, which is like an international version of Amazon and is based in China.

OpenSky and sister companies, Dot & Bo, StoreNVY, and 11 Main are now all under the umbrella of brand MoreCommerce, formed in 2018.

Also note that these outlets have really taken it on the chin as far as consumer complaints.  Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.