Author Topic: Felder BF6 Spindle moulder perspex dust cover/shield cracked brittle HOW MUCH!  (Read 603 times)

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Hello All

I have inherited my Dads BF6-31 Felder year 1996. Its a great machine with very little use. I would like to know if anyone has previously overcome the problem of the brittle perspex dust extractor cover for the spindle moulder/router cracking. I have asked the sales team from Felder who quote something like £280 for a compatable replacement. Which is frankly absurd for a piece of brittle plastic that is likely in time going to shatter as the old one did.
Has anyone had similar problems or made a replacement from Glass fibre or some other more durable material?
I have already enquired into 3D copying and its a no go. However I have already made a plaster mould ready for a glass fibre attempt but I'm a little apprehensive about the next phase and do not want to ruin my mould as the old plastic cover was destroyed making it, so I have one shot at getting it right.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Can I ask why 3D copying was a no go?  Are you any good with Sketchup or other CAD system that can output an stl file?

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Playing devils advocate here with this question....

Are you intending to use the machine or sell it on.

If you keep to use, then you can make your own shield and trust in it as you will.

If you sell it on with a home made shield then you might be liable if something goes wrong and someone gets hurt.

If you mean to sell it, sell as is, let the buyer know that part is missing and that Felder do sell a replacement part.