Author Topic: Anybody have concerns about their DF 700 getting overly hot during operation?  (Read 868 times)

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I had my DF 700 repaired recently and now I’m probably overly sensitive to it’s operation, but it does seem to running hotter than I remember prior to the repair.  is this common?
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Both of my domino machines run pretty hot.  Been wondering about it myself

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Here are two relevant and worthwhile conversations on this topic here on the FOG, found with a quick google search:

From 2009:

From 2020:

It may be a calibration issue during the repair? Definitely worth reaching out to Festool, if they were the ones who provided the repair service.

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I use my DF500 quite a bit, likely more than most, in a commercial cabinet shop. It has never gotten more than what you would call warm. It's really just warm enough that you could tell it had been running, if you just walked up and touched it. I use 6mm Dominos about 90% of the time and 8 x 50 the rest, so not a great load on the motor. I usually go through about 3 of the 1140 count boxes in a year, but I'm more than half way through the last bag of the second box and it's only mid June.
I have seen posts about heat from users of RO 150 too? I've never had a heat problem with any of my Festool gear.
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