Author Topic: Giveaway: small Book "Die perfekte Kante" Conturo Users manual (ONE available)  (Read 5073 times)

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I got a large envelope from Festool today, I guess because I signed up for their mailing list at the Roadshow. Among the current catalog and some flyers they send me this nice little Book about how to use the CONTURO edgebander: "Die perfekte Kante" (The perfect edge) "Das Anwenderhandbuch für das CONTURO System" (Users handbook for the CONTURO System) - of course in German language. It also features plans to build a VAC-SYS workstation and/or a VAC-SYS attachment for the MFT.

It's a nice little book, good quality - not the typical thin paper booklet stuff. Got one little ding through transit, though.

Long story short: the first one to post here or pm me get's it delivered to his/her door world wide, free of charge. I have only ONE available.

Kind regards,

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So,Oliver, here we go!
Just for today..

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if you missed out on the bound version, one can downlaod it from here