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FOG Member Guidelines, Rules and Information
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:40 PM »
General Forum Guidelines for All Members

           Failure to follow forum Guidelines may result in being banned from the forum.

Keep it legal and safe.
As a user of this website, you are responsible for your own communications and for the consequences of their posting.  Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual.  To reduce the risk of serious injury and/or damage to your Festool product, always read, understand and follow all warnings and instructions in your Festool product's Instruction Manual.  Although Festool strives for accuracy in the website material, the website may contain inaccuracies.  Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website.  Festool and its affiliates cannot be responsible for improper postings or your reliance on the website's material.  Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk.  The content contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.
We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove any content posted by a member that encourages unauthorized, unsafe or illegal activity.  The member posting the material may face a permanent ban as a result of posting material that violates the above-mentioned guidelines. 

Forum moderators and administrators may also edit any post or thread to include warnings and other information regarding the use of a tool in a method other than prescribed in its instruction manual. Forum members may not edit their post to remove these warnings. Doing so constitutes a breach of our forum guidelines, which may result in the removal of the post and/or permanent ban.

Be nice, or don't post.
This forum is meant to be a valuable source of information.  We really pride ourselves on being a friendly forum and we take it very seriously. We do not tolerate rudeness.  If you don't like what you read, the best choice is not to respond at all to avoid conflict. Any member who is intentionally disruptive or violating this rule shall be subject to banning.

Political, religious, sexual, racial, etc. content.
We try to promote a community atmosphere here at the FOG and allowing such volatile topics simply creates conflict. Therefore, we do not allow topics, posts, images, signature lines, or comments that are about religion, sexual in nature, politics, race, or other highly controversial topics. Please avoid adding such remarks, allusions, or comments into posts. If you wish to discuss these topics, please find a forum that is more open to these subjects. This is a power tool forum, so please stay on topic.

Keep it clean.
Please remember that this forum caters to a general audience and we have members of all types. Posting offensive material including, but not limited to, text, avatars, signatures, usernames, images, and links shall not be tolerated by the FOG. No use of explicit, obscene or otherwise vulgar language, images or messages, including innuendo.

No typing around the word filter.
You may not post words or URLs that are censored by the website. This includes adding spaces, dots, or substituting any other characters that are intended to defeat the censors in place by the FOG forum.

No flaming or trolling.
Do not flame, troll or otherwise harass other forum members. Posting inflammatory, antagonizing, or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking other members into a response and disrupting normal on-topic discussion are examples of offending behavior. Blatantly offensive comments or actions directed at others shall not be tolerated and shall be removed or edited at the sole discretion of forum moderators. Attempting to draw other members into personally attacking you or other members is also not allowed, known as flamebaiting.  Any member exhibiting this type of behavior shall be reprimanded up to and including banning.

No excessive thread bumping.
`Bumping` a thread means intentionally posting in order to have the thread displayed at the top of the new posts listing. This creates clutter and frustrates readers. Threads or posts in question may be permanently removed at the discretion of the FOG moderators.

No spam.
You may not advertise products or service to forum members through posts or private messages (PM) without prior written permission from the FOG. If you are interested in promoting products via FOG, please review our vendor policies and guidelines for more information or contact the forum administrator at

No cross-posting.
Cross-posting is not allowed on the FOG forum. Cross-posting refers to posting duplicate threads or posts, or linking the threads or posts already started with the intent to gain additional exposure. These threads or posts may be removed at the discretion of the FOG staff.

No posting for banned members.
You may not post on behalf of any member that has been banned or put on probation from the FOG. This includes forum posts, private messages, signatures, photos, videos, or any material that is on behalf of the restricted or banned user.

No multiple usernames.
Only one user account per member, no exceptions. If you have lost your password or account information, please email for assistance.

Remember, using ALL CAPITAL OR ALL BOLD LETTERS OR LARGER FONT SIZES is considered yelling or rude and it makes the forum more difficult to read. The occasional use of all caps, bold or large font, is permissible to add EMPHASIS as long as the intent is not yelling. Also   italics   is useful to add emphasis.  Please follow the same guidelines for topic titles.

Keep posts on topic.
No irrelevant or off-topic posts will be allowed. Posts which are not relevant to the thread or forum topic may be moved or removed at the discretion of the FOG moderators without prior notice.

Private Messages (PM)
Please keep private messages private.  The PM system is designed to allow members to communicate to one another out of the sight of other members.  You should never publish private communications in a forum post without the prior permission of the original sender. For the purposes of site administration, please be aware that moderators may occasionally share PM content amongst the admin staff.

Country of Origin
This forum serves an international community of members.  Because products, services, terms and conditions vary from location to location, please provide your country of origin in your profile.  The FOG reserves the right to add the country of origin to your member profile based on your internet IP address.  This will help other members understand whether a post is applicable in their region.

Repeated Warnings.
Members who repeatedly receive warnings about their behavior or are completely outside the bounds of appropriate posting shall be subject to banning, temporarily or permanently.

Classifieds    Additional rules and guideleines for the Classified board can be found in Classified Rules and Guidelines It is suggested that you check them out before posting a classified. And see the stickied topics at the top of the Classified board.

As a courtesy to Festool Owners Group members, a classified ads section is provided for selling, buying, or trading goods.

As a courtesy to all please put the word "SOLD" in the  title  of the topic when the item sells. Posting that the item has sold simply bumps the topic needlessly.  It is suggested (not required) that sellers leave the selling price for items posted as a reference for others. This should in no way be taken as the FOG Classified board being an actual price guide for products or items listed for sale.

Members may use this section of the forum at their own risk.  Festool, its affiliates, and any other entity referenced herein are not responsible for the results of your use of this material.  It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to verify and make wise purchasing decisions.

We reserve the right to remove any threads in the Classifieds section of the forum without prior notification.

The Classified board may not be used as a "retail store" for the continuous selling of products. The forum administrator and moderators may remove posts of this type and/or block a member from using the Classifieds section.

Classified transactions between forum members should be handled privately throughout the entire transaction process. The forum is not a platform for publicizing disputes. Any posts that publicize a dispute about such transactions will be removed immediately without warning.

Auctions may not be conducted on the forum. However, you can use a website that specializes in auctions and link to that from the forum.  All other FOG Classified guidelines and rules still apply to these links. If these links are deemed excessive they will be removed as spam.

Please see first topic in Classified board for additional information on using the Classified board.

Post editing & deleting by FOG Staff
FOG moderators and administrators may edit or delete posts at any time, without prior notice, to conform to the forum rules. If you have questions about why your post has been moderated, please do so via personal message (PM) rather than publicly. The rules are simple and designed to promote an enjoyable experience for everyone.  Your adherence is appreciated.

Respect FOG Moderators
Do not disrespect the FOG moderators. Be respectful in both public and private communications. Moderators are volunteers that donate their own personal time to help manage the forums and offer everyone here a great place to collaborate and learn. Violations of this rule shall not be tolerated and may result in a ban.

Content Ownership
The Festool Owners Group encourages active participation on the forum in the form of posting content.  If any member or visitor uploads content including, but not limited to, photos, audio, or video, the contributor shall retain copyrights to their original material and may modify content at their discretion.  Content may not be removed in mass and modification should leave the content largely unchanged with the exception of spelling, grammar or other minor changes.  By contributing content, the contributor is offering the content into the public domain and gives and Festool USA implied permission retain and use the content for its original intended purpose unless other provisions have been made in writing by all parties.

Full disclosure
Members must disclose their association with a product manufacturer or retailer. Members should contact the forum administrator or a moderator to have their accounts marked appropriately in such cases. When posting about a product that a member receives any form of compensation from, directly or indirectly, they must disclose this association in their posts clearly. Failure to make this disclosure will result in the post(s) being modified and/or deleted in their entirety and possible permanent ban from the forum.

Festool Dealers, Merchants and product manufacturers
Members who are directly affiliated with or employees of merchants or product manufacturers may participate on the forum. You are welcome to respond directly to another member's post inquiring about your product or a product line you represent. If you are an authorized Festool dealer, you may post Festool/Protool/Tanos-related sales, promotional or marketing content in our Dealer & Sales section of the forum.

Festool Dealers, please do not post in Sales and Dealer topics that have been started by another dealer without first getting consent from said dealer.  Dealers please feel free to report posts by other dealers that you do not wish to have in your topic. This is not intended to create animosity between dealers. Quite the opposite, it is to avoid conflict between dealers. It is merely a consideration to avoid stepping on each others toes.

Forum members may not conduct market research, market, sell, or conduct product development for products that compete with products or services offered by Festool or other Tooltechnic Systems subsidiaries. Posts of this nature will be removed immediately.

If you wish to post sales, promotional or marketing content that is non-Festool related and for a non-competitive product or service, please submit it to our Forum Administrator, FestoolUSA, for pre-approval before posting. Posts of this nature that do not obtain pre-approval will be removed immediately. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Forum Administrator or a Forum Moderator.

User Name color codes These colors are attached to user names as appropriate, by the FOG Admin.

Festool Employee  The FOG Admin and others that are employed by and paid by Festool.

Festool Dealer / Dealer Affiliate Owner or business name of a Festool dealer, Festool dealer employee, or someone involved with selling Festool products.

Retailer Manufacturer or seller of products designed to work with Festool products or tools in general.

FOG Forum Moderators FOG Members that help manage the forum.

Blogger/ Reviewer/ Magazine contributor

We reserve the right to add, modify, or remove any of these rules or guidelines at any time, for any reason without notice. Rules changes and additions apply to all past, current and future posts and applicable content.  These guidelines supersede all other guidelines and rules that may have been implemented prior this publication.

Above all... have fun here! This is a great forum with great resources, phenomenal members, and a dedicated group of Festool dealers. Respect the space but also make it your own.
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