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Classified Section Rules and Guidelines
« on: January 12, 2016, 09:31 AM »


As a courtesy to Festool Owners Group members, a classified ads section is provided for selling, buying, or trading goods.  Members may use this section of the forum at their own risk.  Festool, its affiliates, and any other entity referenced herein are not responsible for the results of your use of this material.  It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to verify and make wise purchasing decisions.

We reserve the right to remove any threads in the Classifieds section of the forum after 30 days without prior notification.

Please do not bump a classified more than once per week and even less often is better. Preferably with the addition of a legitimate update, additional info, price change ,etc. This helps avoid forum clutter on the unread posts page for other members. People will have either seen the ad the first time or it will appear on the unread posts page for a member. It can become irritating to constantly have a classified popping up as new especially if several people are bumping ads.

The following are a set of guidelines that should be followed when post in this section of the forum:

Festool dealers may only post personal property in the Classifieds Ads.  Please make any sales or marketing related posts in the THE SALES ZONE.

The Classified board may not be used as a "retail store" for the continuous selling of products.

For Buyers and Sellers:
Below are some suggestions for buyers and sellers.  Note that the Festool Owners Group and Festool USA will not get involved in classified ad disputes -- buyers and sellers are on their own!
•Buyers and sellers are responsible for communicating the condition, age, and origin of listed items; availability of paperwork; making sure items match the ad description; original serial numbers, receipts, paperwork, and service or repair records.
•Buyers and sellers are responsible for confirming addresses, contact information, identities, and other relevant details needed when buying and selling goods.
•Buyers and sellers are responsible for confirming the timing, methods and other details of shipping arrangements.
•If you notice errors in a classified ad, please post your response in the ad's discussion.  Do not post comments about classified ads in other forum boards.

Disputes, Issues, Comments, and Complaints:
If you purchased something from a classified ad and are unhappy with the transaction, do not bring the dispute to the attention of the forum administrator.  The forum administrator will not mediate disputes between buyers and sellers. Disputes should be handled privately between members and not publicized on the forum. Any posts about a transaction dispute will be removed immediately.

The Festool Owners Group and Festool USA receives no payment or fees for classified ads.

By using the Classified Ads section of this forum, buyers and sellers accept that they understand and accept the guidelines listed above.

Please refer to our forum guidelines for any additional rules pertaining to classified ads.

       Failure to follow forum Guidelines may result in being banned from the forum.
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