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"Thank You" button ?
« on: December 21, 2022, 06:39 AM »
 just realized that the forums lack a "Thanks" button.

I am not sure how the SMF is setup for FOG, but IMO something like below would be great to add on the next upgrade:

The main (community) benefit is it avoids (needless) "Thanks" posts creating noise on reply/unread lists. Besides the additional feel-good motivation to help new users out.

On related, I would also add that the built-in "Like" feature in SFM 2.x should be avoided. The value of FOG is it being mostly a true forum-for-discussion.
That character of FOG can only be undermined by the "popularity contest" features like "Like" which are so common on today's monetized social media platforms. The last thing one wants in a factual discussion is a bunch of like-hunters roaming around.

I saw the seemingly innocent addition of "Like" kill one PHPBB-based, once-great, community forum I frequented. The "old guard", who really knew stuff, eventually gave up as it gradually turned into another "social platform" for know-littles. Eventually, the know-littles realized there is no good content (to leach on) anymore, so they left after the next fad. Forum dead in 4 yrs or so. "Thank You" is different here as it (if anything) promotes serious content ahead of emotional fluff.
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