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Title: Sander help. RO150 not enough
Post by: dgpainting on April 07, 2019, 04:27 AM
We recently bought an RG150 with yellow disc for weatherboard paint stripping. It's a mighty machine but like the Paintshaver brand  we also have it leaves swirl marks on the wood which need sanding out. On soft woods it's fine but our native (NZ) woods are hard and difficult to sand. The RO150 with 40 grit gets it done but it takes quite a bit of time. I recently came across the RAS110 in a thread here which seemed to solve the issue but sadly it's been discontinued and the 180 replacement is just too big. Does anyone know of a Festool machine or any other brand for that matter that has a non oscillating drive? Basically, a grinder with a sanding pad. Before I buy a grinder with a sanding pad. Have tried an RAS115 pad on the RG but she is too hard to control and wobbles about even at the slowest speeds. Have also researched a Makita and a Bosch tool but they seem to oscillate as well as drive which I believe would leave them in the same place as the Rotex. Have ordered some Saphir 24 to see how that goes but I'm pretty sure it will leave it's own marks which we'll then need to sand out which kind of defeats the purpose of trying to save time. Any help, advice, knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: Sander help. RO150 not enough
Post by: leakyroof on May 17, 2019, 04:52 PM
Is this Siding on a house or building?
How wide in millimeters are the boards you’re  trying to strip?
An RAS 115 might work better for you, not sure of your statement on using the RAS 115 pad on an RG model since I’m not familiar with it. But yes, I hear the RAS is being discontinued.
So that’s probably not an option for you now.
 There are dedicated paint stripper machines for Siding work, they work very well with their Carbide Blades as long as nails or fasteners are below the surface of the wood and don’t come into contact with the spinning blades.  You seem to already own one though, so now I’m confused.
 If it was me , strip the wood with the Paintshaver, and sand the marks left behind with the Rotex or any Sander that fits your material size well. 
 Any machine, Sander or Shaver, is going to require multiple steps in this process.
Title: Re: Sander help. RO150 not enough
Post by: Alex on May 18, 2019, 01:37 AM
The RG150 is totally not meant for use on wood, it is meant to flatten out concrete surfaces.

The RAS115 is indeed the ideal tool if the Rotex 150 is not enough for the job, but it is meant for rough sanding and also leaves marks you'll have to sand out later with a finer sander. But I guess the initial surface quality would be better than when you've used an RG150. I don't know what Festool was thinking by discontinuing the RAS.

I have no experience with the Paintshaver as it's not avaialable over here, but if you find it leaves to much marks, isn't there a depth setting on it for the cutter you can adjust?