Author Topic: How to polish Sapele doors with a Rotex 125?  (Read 2613 times)

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How to polish Sapele doors with a Rotex 125?
« on: December 20, 2016, 01:46 PM »
I am working on finishing 3 sapele doors for a clothing store. I'm going to coat the south facing doors with Epifanes High Gloss Marine Varnish because it got the best results in the FineWoodworking Outdoor Torture Test (

What is the best way to polish/buff the varnish for the shiniest result? I have a Rotex 125 and I saw online that you can get various pads for it. But I have no idea what to buy and in what order to use the materials. Also, can somebody tell me from experience what speed is best for polishing?


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Re: How to polish Sapele doors with a Rotex 125?
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2017, 02:55 AM »
Hello Abram,

here nearly the same problem, except that i have to polish a kitchen workplate.
I´ve got the RO125, but no experience, so i looked at festool germany website: I presume that maybe the RO125 can be used as replacement for both, the ETS EC 150/3 and the RAP 150-21 FE because the RO125 can accomplish both, excenter grinding and polishing in the rotation mode.
Didn´t found that guidance in english, so i try to recap this in short terms, if someone know it better then please tell. Because i can´t access the US-polishing resources, i will try it with the festool

If the surface is grinded to the desired level, first round grinding in excenter-mode:
  • surface grinding with  Granat P1500
  • light treatmeant of surface with MPA-F+
  • Speed: 3-4

After every round of grinding, dust has to wiped of with the grey polishing cloth

Second round: Polishing in rotation-mode
  • lambskin and polish 1-Step, MPA 5010 slow distributed over surface with switched off polisher (here RAP 150-21 FE)
  • Polisher distributing with speed 1
  • Continue with speed 3-4, but steadily moving to provide an overheating of the surface

In some cases with sensitive colors, it may be necessary to repeat the second round, but then with the blue fine sponge (PS STF D125x20 BL/5 ) and polish MPA 9010.
All movements should be done steadily and without presure.
Often clean the surface with the green microfibre and clean the cloth under clear water.
After every change of the polish the surface shall be cleaned with the microfibre.


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