Author Topic: Applying Osmo Hardwax Oil on yellow pine  (Read 329 times)

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Applying Osmo Hardwax Oil on yellow pine
« on: July 29, 2020, 07:08 AM »
For a small home project I'm trying to stain some Yellow Pine to look more like Zebrano.
I have quite some zebrano veneered MDF panels which I want to use for a cabinet.

I don't have any Zebrano wood available but do have a large amount of Yellow Pine left. I would like to stain the Yellow Pine and use it as edge banding and legs for the cabinet. The wood grain seems similar enough (in my eyes) for a 18mm strip but the colors of course don't match.

I'm going to run some test pieces (Osmo 3073, 3074 and 3075) to see if it matches enough  but have a question regarding the application. What I've read is that you first need to fixate softwood before staining. Osmo never mentions this in their application "manual" for soft wood. I also picked up some transparant matt Osmo Hardwax Oil, could this be used as a first layer to fixate the wood?

Do you need to fixate the soft wood first when using Osmo Hardwax Oil?

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Re: Applying Osmo Hardwax Oil on yellow pine
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2020, 10:24 AM »
What they might mean is this. Softwoods, and some hardwoods ,are blotchy or uneven when oiling or staining unless you pre-treat the wood surface with a liquid treatment of Mineral Spirits, or similar product.  There are commercial pre-stain or pre-oil treatment out there, but if you dig through the ingredients, they almost all contain a hydrocarbon type liquid similar to Mineral Spirits or Naptha.
 Save your money and just buy a small container of Naptha or similar solvent/type mineral spirits- Use a rag to wipe down the surface you want to oil. Let that dry a short while/ bit[ maybe 15 to 30mins], then apply your oil. The color will be more limited in what gets in the Pores of the wood since you are pre-filling them with solvent, BUT, you have more control over the preventing of the Blotching or uneven coloring.  You can always add 1 more coat of Oil over that first one.

 Glazes are another way to get a base color , that you then work more color on top of versus using just Oil.

 I have pre-treated Poplar wood with Naptha to get a stain I wanted, with several color stages of stain being applied, no blotchy finish when done, and you'l almost never know it wa Poplar under those several layers of stain.
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