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Title: New OF 1010 router suggestion for Festool
Post by: DeformedTree on May 07, 2021, 09:46 AM
So a new OF 1010 router is coming.  I have a simple suggestion/request for Festool.

It looks like the depth scale is like that of the OF 2200 and a peel and stick design. That is probably the only thing that makes it metric vs inch. Some retailers have been selling the metric scale for the OF2200 along with the screw on metal one for the current OF 1010.

I have a very simple suggestion for Festool.  Since you probably are planning inch scales for the N.A. market. How about you put both the inch and metric scales in the systainer, let the end user decide.  Since the scale is new, there probably won't be a metric scale available for retailers to sell in N.A. which is going to cause issues. 

Just put both in the systainer, not applied to the router, with a simple instruction card for the user. Cost Festool pennies to do, eliminates a lot of frustration/anger from customers. 

You could also have the metric scale installed by default to reduce customization on your assembly line, and include the replacement inch scale.