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CT Vacs: Wire basket option & lighter handle.
« on: February 24, 2012, 01:17 AM »
I'm VERY happy with my new CT36.  However, I found the design of the CT36 handle to be terrible.  I had previously owned (briefly) the Bosch AirSweep, which comes standard with a handle.  I loved that design so much that I ordered a handle for my new Festool, but immediately returned it.

My thoughts:

1: The Bosch handle is aluminum & very light.  The Festool's is heavy steel.  Every pound matters when your bag is full of sheetrock dust & you have to carry the vac around, esp up stairs.

2:  The Bosch angles back in a very ergonomic way. It's hard to explain, but the Festool's just doesn't feel right when you push it.

3:  Bosch also offers an optional wire basket, that hooks onto their handle. This is the greatest thing since duct tape. It can hold tools, or the hose, or the power cord.... Much easier to drop the power cord into a basket than to wrap it up, for quick relocating of the vacuum, and you can still lay a tool on top of it.    No such option from Festool.  

4:  The Festool handle includes an integrated floor-tool holder - but it only fits 27mm tools!  If using a CT for general cleanup, as I do, the 27mm hose adds too much back pressure.  You will surely want a wider hose (I use a 2.25" I.D., smooth-bore hose)  and so your tools will not fit in the Festool handle's cut-out. Therefore, they are in the way and simply add even more weight.

I LOVE my CT36, but I sure hope Festool designs a better handle someday, and offers a wire basket.

In the meantime, I find the height of the CT36 perfectly adequate for pushing around, esp with a systainer on top, so no problem for me. - But I sure do miss that wire basket.
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Re: CT Vacs: Wire basket option & lighter handle.
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2013, 04:50 PM »
Hey, that's good idea.  I bet there's a bicycle handlebar basket out there that will work.

Bicycle Handlebar baskets