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ts55 v tsc55
« on: September 09, 2020, 08:18 AM »
first step into buying festool [big grin] [nuff cash [laughing]] (other than sys mini as pencil case 8)).  used the ts55 but would like to go cordless, as in get the tsc.......  what is it like [huh]  is it better or worse.  i would also like to get the tks80 but......  am i better getting the tsc as
i am a bit pushed for space....

oh yeah.  and what is the charge time on the 5.2 air stream with an air stream charger?
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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2020, 11:24 AM »
I have had the TSC55 for about two years. I had a DeWalt corded track saw (they didn't have their cordless model back then) but wanted to ditch the cord. Not sorry I choose the TSSC55. Still have the DeWalt saw but it rarely gets out of the Systainer anymore.

On the battery charging time my batteries charge in about a half hour on the Airstream chargers.
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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2020, 12:23 PM »
I have both the TS 55 & the TSC 55. I haven't used the TS 55 since I purchased the TSC. I'll use the TSC with both the bag and the vac. The bag fills up pretty fast so be careful when using it. Once it plugs up, there's sawdust pouring out of every crevice of the saw & bag.

I feel the TSC has more power than the TS and for ripping thicker hardwoods, the TSC struggles less than the TS. The only down side is that you really need 3-4 batteries so that at least 1-2 can be charging while you're using the saw. The good news is that I power mine with a selection of 15 volt & 18 volt batteries in various amperage ratings.

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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2020, 04:01 PM »
"The good news is that I power mine with a selection of 15 volt & 18 volt batteries in various amperage ratings."

I do the same. The ability to use mixed voltage batteries is a plus. It helps me keep my 15v batteries for which I have only one tool from sitting idle for too long. I'm not using the saw or t15 every day as it is so need to pay attention to maintaining proper charge level (~50% +/-20) when I put them away knowing they might not get any use for the next few days.
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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2020, 04:25 AM »
I've owned every TS 55 variant there is in the past and I was super sceptic before venturing into the cordless variant . After a year of cordless I can safely say: TSC 55 hands down!

The TSC has great torque, rips 40mm oak (~1 1/2") without a care in the world (my corded RQ and EBQ struggled at times) and puts a bit more weight on the guide rail (without requiring the extra runway of the TS 75). Add to that the obvious benefit of being able to cut anywhere, be it a basement or a backyard without needing a power outlet nearby and less cables in the way. The dust bag surprises me every time I use it; as long as you empty it regularly it does a great job (mileage approx. 15-20ft of 3/4" ply).

As others pointed out you regiously have to manage your batteries. It'll work on a single battery if you're in a pinch, but as luck has it both of them are empty at the same time... so having 4 batteries is a must.

For charging times with the different battery sizes and charger options you can simply approximate as follows:

  Battery Ah : Charger Ah = Time in hours


  3.1 Ah battery : 6 Ah (TCL 6 charger) = 0.5hrs (~30min)
  5.2 Ah battery : 8 Ah (TCL 8 Airstream) = 0.65hrs (~40min)

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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2020, 09:16 AM »
TSC 55 all the way, as others have already added.  I sold my corded TS 55 after using the TSC 55 for a month.  The biggest difference is realized on thicker hardwood rips, where the TSC 55 stays full power in places where the corded one bogs down -- you really do get the full benefit of max cutting depth on the TSC. 

With the old charger I sometimes had to be strategic about swapping out batteries in order not to interfere with charge times, but with the new rapid charger, I don't think I've ever faced a situation of needing a battery and not having one fully charged and ready to go.   The battery life will really depend on the type and thickness of material you're using.  Thick hardwood rips deplete them much more rapidly than cutting plywood. 
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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #6 on: September 18, 2020, 05:41 PM »
I have hit or miss luck with Festool products for various reasons.... and finally not afraid to admit it... No more Green Koolaid for me, I prefer to be objective.

That being said, the TSC55 is a winner in every way.  Battery power is impressive... they state 3/4" ply the length of a football field, I believe it.  Surprising power, never bogged down on me.. granted I dont cut 3" thick hardwood, mostly sheet goods with the TSC.

What I was most impressed with was the the dust collection.  Granted the bag is not that big, but its easy to empty, so do it often.  The dust extraction is prob. 95%+ of using a vac.  If I had to use a vac hose, then, I had no need for it, as the vac cord is the harder of the two cords to manage. 

I keep a spare set of batteries on the charger, so never without power.   Very impressed with the TSC55.  Of all the places I love cordless its with a track saw, as I used to spend more times managing the cords than doing the cuts.  Those days are long over.

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Re: ts55 v tsc55
« Reply #7 on: Yesterday at 12:46 PM »
I have the TSC55 which is mainly used outside the shop e.g. for breaking down sheet goods.  I also have the TS75 which is mainly used inside the shop.  The TS75 came first and it was needed for a couple of specific tasks.

The TSC55 is very handy even using the rather small dust bag, and of course it can also be used with the dust extractor activated by the bluetooth battery.  So between the two 55s I would say the TSC over the TS.