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my new DTS 400 from the recon sale is on the way and I need some advise on applications and accessories. My only other sander is the 150/5.

1) Fine sanding in woodworking to supplement the large stroke 150, along edges but occasionally also larger surfaces because it's going to be my only fine sander.

2) Home improvement work, light sanding of flat painted surfaces such as doors before repainting etc.

For both of these applications, I was hoping to stick with the provided sanding pad. Pretty standard. But there are two additional applications. I am not sure whether the DTS400 will work for this.

3) Very light sanding of trim with profile. Would it be possible to use the DTS 400 for that application with a very soft sanding pad?

4) Stock removal at edges (flooring, staircase). Currently, I am using a multitool for that and it's such a pain. I constantly have to change the sandpaper and get annoyed very single time. Is the DTS 400 going to help me here even though the stroke is 2mm? Anything that helps with that aside from low grit sandpaper.


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Re: DTS 400 is on the way - need advise on applications and accessories
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2021, 11:52 AM »
There is only one type of sanding pad for the DTS, so you're not going to hurt your head pondering over all its possible accessories. Just get a good selection of Granat sandpaper from 80 to 320 (or 60 to 400) and you should be good to do most jobs in your house.

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Re: DTS 400 is on the way - need advise on applications and accessories
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2021, 05:10 PM »
If you want to try to use it for profiles you can get a 90mm or 125mm round interface pad and give it a go. The dust collection will be bad and it will be awkward but it might work. As Alex said they only make one pad for this sander so if you want to try this you have to improvise with the interface pad and results may vary. I’ve never tried it with my DTS.

As far as stairs and the edges of floors I believe that the DTS is going to surprise you with how good a job it will do. It is pretty darn powerful for a 2mm stroke. Clearly in that application it’s going to work pretty well on raw wood but not so great if you have a bunch of old paint or finish to remove (although it will give it a go with some low grit paper). If you are going to do much in this application you might want to pick up an extra pad because when you are wailing away on it in corners you will eventually tear up the tip of the pad.