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MW 1000 question
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:29 PM »
I have been looking at the sys roll and the MW 1000 for an upcoming job in a hotel which will require going from room to room.  My debate is that the sys roll has unlimited systainer stacking height (within reason) but no work surface and the MW 1000 has a work surface but limited tool storage.  I have been looking at Sys Roll mods to add a work surface, but they all create as well as solve problems.  I was just looking at photos of the MW 1000 (again) and saw a photo of a systainer on top of the small table and it looked a bit smaller than the table.  The extension table appears to be large enough for me on its own as a work surface without the small table next to it.  So my question is, if one were to remove the small table top from the frame and leave the frame in place for attaching the extension table, could one then stack systainers through and above the open frame and achieve the same systainer stacking height of the sys roll?  No drawer function obviously, but that is OK. 
Also, what fits under the table, looks like two 3s and a 2?

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Re: MW 1000 question
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2019, 11:35 AM »
I only have the MW 1000 extension table, not the cart (as it dosn't fit well into my car).

Have looked at it at close though, given your description here's my advice:

You can have several systainers (depending on size) on the MW 1000, the height of the drawer is adjustable and it can be removed completely in case you don't need it. The small (fixed) table ontop seats a systainer (there are groves for the feet) without it slipping off, though it's not locked and you'll have to keep in somewhat upright position - see video below.

IMHO: As it's easily moveable with the extension table stored in the back and setting up/packing the extension is a quick process when you know how it works... when you need the extension table as highly mobile workspace and have the space in your van - you should get the set.

To move more systainers:

When needing a vacuum anyway: A CT can (within reason) also stack systainers.

A sys-cart, as alternative to a sys-roll, isn't that expensive (at least here in europe where we have a free market for festool dealers), it's OK to use on somewhat even floors (=inside buildings) and can be controlled well enough (when not been stacked too high) using the handle of the top systainer. On stairs you'll likely have to disconnect the stack in the middle and carry with both hands, a sys-roll might be better when there's no elevator. Sys-Roll also has the downside that you can't open a T-lock stack in the middle, so for a mobile workspace (opposed to just transportation) it's more suited for the SORT/3 and other drawer systainers.

With careful selection of the systainers to put on the CT and the sys-cart/roll you should be able to end up with the same height as the MW 1000 (same as MFT/3) should you need to support long workpieces.

an impression on systainers on the MW 1000 and moving it around.

My experience (when needing to move more tools) is that it's better to move two smaller stacks than one too tall one. Also keep in mind that having several stacks means that you have several top systainers with instant access (without having to de-stack or hold the upper systainers to keep them from breaking the lid) at a convenient height.

It all depends on what you actually need to bring, knowing that in more detail could give a better answer.
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Re: MW 1000 question
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2019, 04:41 PM »
My limited experience with it only in my workshop is that it takes a bigger tilt angle to actually move it, you can't just tilt it up slightly otherwise the rear feet near the wheels catch on the floor.  In that respect, I think it might be a required trade-off for the workstation ability vs. something which is more like a classical hand truck so that it can have additional stability, but in tight spaces it does reduce the mobility a bit.

I am loving the extension table attached to my MFT; it is solidly connected and gives me the ability to work on longer workpieces without the expense or space requirements of another MFT

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Re: MW 1000 question
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2019, 05:26 PM »
The extension tables are very handy, I made a few blocks, routed out for the tables to lock onto, like they do on the aluminium extrusion. I have screwed one to my bench, and one to a wall, and also one on an outside wall, so I can just set up the extension tables quickly as small work surfaces, or for gluing etc. My bench top is the same height as an MFT, so it works well.

Maybe they should make a four legged version, like a mini MFT?