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Is my joint adequate?
« on: October 12, 2007, 09:53 AM »
Well, I used the domino for the first time, and I might not have used it correctly.
I built a bench, where the sides are four pieces of 2.5" x 1.25" sycamore.  The side pieces and the top pieces are miter jointed with a single 10x50 domino.  The fourth piece goes between the sides about half way up, also assembled with a single 10x50 domino. (the sides look like Hs with the top filled in...)  All slots were cut in the middle setting, as I was worried about assembly otherwise, with the 45 degree angles on the miters.

It should be strong enough to resist racking, but I am concerned that much of the users weight will be held by the crosspiece as that is where the seat will be attached.  If I had used the narrowest setting it I wouldn't be worried because the domino would mechanically stop any movement, but now the joints are entirely dependent on the glue.  It is a lot of glue, between the 2.5x1.5 cross section of the butt joint and all the surface of the large domino, but still.

OTOH, I saw a video of a machine breaking a floating tenon joint by pulling on one side.  It took 5000 pounds of force, and then the wood broke up; despite being entirely dependent on the glue.  That would seem to imply I have plenty of strength, as this should be roughly as strong as the joint in the video.

Sorry to ramble on, but I get like this when I am worried about screwing up.  If necessary I can work in some pocket screws to reinforce the joints; they won't really show all that badly.

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