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ETS EC 150/3
« on: September 21, 2022, 07:39 PM »
Hi everyone,

Please forgive me in advance if I'm asking this question in the wrong place. I just joined this group 10 minutes ago and I just bought my first 2 Festool Items.

Question 1) I just bought the ETS EC 150/3 Orbitol Sander (loving it) I'm Curious to know which backer pad I can use on this sander so I can also use it for polishing furniture in conjunction with the Polishing compounds that Festool has.  I do know that festool makes a polishing sander, for "Polishing" but I have to pace my budget as I just drank the koolaid, and I would like to keep my mariage in good standings lol. If it's possible can you provide me with Item numbers I can look up. Thank you very much 

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Re: ETS EC 150/3
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2022, 07:22 PM »
Here's a selection of their polishing pads.

I use the foam pads with the FT polishing compounds for buffing out scratches.  They do a fantastic job.  I use them on the Rotex rather than the ETS EC 150/3.  But I have both.  Now having said all that, the orbital sanders are not as good as the rotary sanders like the Rotex for polishing.  The rotary units give you more spin and less 'rubbing'.  You can try your 150/3 but you might find that the furniture you are trying to polish needs more shine or scratch removal than you can accomplish with the orbital.

Back to the polishing pads -  they are color coded to the finishes.  Typically the 202048 compound which is 5000 grit will do well unless you really want a very high gloss finish, then you can step up to the 8000 or 11000 compounds and pads.  I have all of them but seldom have to go to the 8000 or 11000 level finishes.  I like a more muted finish personally.

Beyond those choices for scratch removal, if you simply want to buff out a finish that does not have many scratches, you can use either the sheepskin pad or the hard felt pads.  I've tried both and to me, it depends on the flatness of the surface.  The hard pads do a nice job, but you do need to keep them clean as they will pick up dust or fine dirt pieces and could introduce scratches.  Because of that I tend to use the sheepskin pads - on furniture and on my cars.  They are great when waxing a car and you want to buff out the finish.  I use a Rotex in rotary mode on slower speeds, but for furniture, your ETSEC150 might work ok as well for furniture.

Those are on this page -

This Youtube video might be of help as well - Festool's Sedge goes through all the pads and options.

I will offer this given your marriage considerations.  After polishing some scratches on a dining room table or chest, the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) goes up tremendously, and you might get away with more than you think.  The Rotex with the FT polishes and pads will definitely bring a piece of finish back to life.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!