Author Topic: Help with Conturo MFT mounting screws - wrong screws included in kit  (Read 390 times)

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So....I recently purchased an MFT-Conturo table to complement my Conturo. In attempting to assemble it, however, it appears clear that they have shipped the wrong screws for mounting the main bracket to the table as they are markedly too small. There are two bags of screws and all the flat headed screws appear to be the same size, far too small for 7 mounting holes for the main bracket to the MFT. These screws (in both bags) appear to be the size for mounting the plastic pads to the top. There are no screws suitable for mounting the bracket to the top. Not happy to have invested > $800 and have the wrong screws included (not cool Festool). I was already a bit put off by the el-cheapo particle board top to begin with. Have had no luck online finding the correct screw specification so I can get them separately. The screws appear to be Festool part number #10012622 but (of course) the specifications are a complete secret on the Festool spare parts site for no good reason. Since I don't relish carrying an entire MFT table into my local hardware store for trial and error of random metric machine screws, I'd really appreciate it if someone knows what the specs for these screws are.


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Ah well - I answered my own question.

In case anyone else is the victim of sloppy Festool quality control with screw packaging:

The screws are 6 mm x 20 mm with 1.00 pitch. Even at my local (relatively pricey) hardware store, they were $0.51 as compared to the Festool charge of $2.20 each + shipping (ack).


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I had the same issue last July. I phoned festool and I had the screws two days later.

I believe the table material is what looks like particle board to keep it flat and stable with the giant hole in the middle for the machine.

I have been very happy with it, and a bonus I can put a reg mft top in it when not used as conturo.

Also festool didn't charge me. But if you got it and needed it that day I see why you'd have to go buy em local