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Dust extractor adapter Festool D36 hose - Metabo MFE65
« on: March 06, 2021, 06:57 PM »
Does anyone here know of the existence of an adapter to fit a Festool D36 hose to the Metabo MFE 65 wallchaser?

The Metabo comes with some connection for their own bajonet hose that almost fits around the D36 hose end of the Festool.
Also included is another adapter that fits something smaller that loosely holds the D27 hose end. Neither the direct port nor that supplied adapter fit the D36 hose however... and I definitely do want to use the D36 hose on that machine.

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Re: Dust extractor adapter Festool D36 hose - Metabo MFE65
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2021, 02:37 PM »
Thanks for the reply, but no as it would still restrict the opening. Link is also 405. The biggest problem with the D27 hose is not just the cross section of the hose, but the cross section of the hose end. This machine sometimes spits out bigger particles that block the D27 hose end.

But I just modified the machine;

I measured my D36 hose end and it turned out to perfectly fit inside some leftover 50mm PVC sewerpipe.

After heating up the black plastic part on the MFE 65 it came easily off the metal shroud. As the round metal part of the Metabo was 45mm OD and the 50mm PVC pipe ~44mm ID it didn't fit, but heating that up the PVC allowed me to press fit it on. It immediately cooled and is now fixated to the metal shroud. The D36 hose now fits perfectly fine and I can even carefully hold the machine by the hose end without the hose sliding out while it's still easy to take it off by twisting. I'm happy.

Stock photo of Metabo MFE 65 with the orignal black part that seems to only fit their own very rare bajonet hose..

Metabo MFE 65 with original dust port removed and 50mm PVC pipe attached (yes, the PVC was slightly overheated  :-X)

Metabo MFE 65 with 50mm PVC dust port and Festool ribbed D36 hose; machine (9,8 kg) held by hose end;

Next use of the machine will be in masonry as opposed to last use in grevel-heavy concrete, but I anyway I expect better dust collection.  [laughing]
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Re: Dust extractor adapter Festool D36 hose - Metabo MFE65
« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2022, 09:51 PM »
Much better dust extraction confirmed! Mod highly recommended. Hose does not come loose even with it not being a bayonet.

The chaser is still monstrously heavy. Maybe I should have gotten the MFE 40.