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Re: Domino DF500 Accuracy/Alignment Issues
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Hey @jcrowe1950, yes my plunge speed is about 8 seconds as you'll see in the video.  I definitely don't push hard and fast as I don't want the climb cut or for the bit to nut cut fast enough and the tool to deflect and come out of parallel with the fence.  I'm really looking forward to making some cabinets/bookshelves with the Domino and hope I can sort out the side to side alignment with the pins as it could really speed things up on shorter pieces...
Hey Bugsy, et al,

     Not to revive this thread but last night I discovered a glitch with my D500 and remembered Sedge talking about the fix. I was dominoing fronts/backs of drawers to the sides. I began to notice during dry fit that the edges were not flush and I had been very careful in my process. Then I checked my setting on the fence with my setup blocks and, indeed, they had drifted off by enough to irritate me. What I did was to reset fence height locking lever to make it tighter. You do this by taking out the small phillips screw, removing the lever from the splined shaft and rotating it a little counter clockwise before replacing it. Then you replace the screw and away you go....this may have nothing to do with your issue but it did solve mine.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Thankfully all the Domino’s have come with the knobs adjusted so they’re fairly tight by the time they reach the bottom. I know what you mean about adjusting the knobs as I’ve done this on the quick clamps for the guide rails to get them fro being to lose or to tough to put on.

The current Domino doesn’t have fence drift but rather the paddles don’t create a joint in which the edges are flush, even after swapping paddles.

The previous Domino made perfect joints, couldn’t even feel any lip, but the body was missing the mortise width markings and seemed to have been dropped as the fence with stiff and scratchy feeling. I’m probably going to return again and hope the next one will remain with at least as good of face flush ness, only a paper thickness difference, but fix the paddles so edges are flush enough to at least clamp without marring the wood.

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