Author Topic: Does the Festool rail square work with TSO Parallel Guide System?  (Read 512 times)

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I have a Festool rail square and am just figuring out what I need to order with the TSO parallel guide kit. Will the Festool rail square do, and if so, what else do I need to add to the order besides?

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Yes, the Festool FS-WA/90° is exactly the same as the TSO one, except the color. It even has the holes for attaching their parallel guides to.

You two things to connect the two rods. For each either a TSO Adapter (drop-on or slide-on), a TSO GRS-16 or TSO GRS-16 PE or Festool's FS-WA/90°, which is a license-build TSO GRS-16 PE.

I've been looking at getting this stuff since forever, but it's pretty much permanently sold-out...

And charging $55 bucks to ship a $55 piece of alu across the Ocean to Europe is not really normal in my book either.
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I just received all the TSO parallel guide stuff to use in addition to their rail square(s) which I already owned.

The parallel guides come with 4 x star knobs. On the rail square side, you'll connect the parallel guide directly to it with the two of the supplied star knobs. For the other parallel guide, you'll need another rail square OR a slide-on adapter OR a drop-on adapter.


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Like mentioned above the Festool FS-WA/90° 205229 is the same as a GRS-16 PE Parallel Edge Guide Rail Square 61-230-R A, it even says TSO on the metal clip.

I was in the same boat and end up ordering from TSO for my Festool rails:

- TPG-30-50 Set: Includes Two 30" T-Tracks + Two 50" T-Tracks (its good to have both lengths for mobility on very small to full sheet cuts so it doesn't feel clumsy)
- TPG Adapter (Drop-On) for TPG Parallel Guide System 61-388 (fits Festool rails only, it effortless clicks in and out so its easy to move away and stand aside the guide rail from a sheet after a cut)
- Angle Accessory 61-246 A (nice if you want to cut rounded edge sheets)

I also had the Festool FS-WA 577040, and FS-WA-VL 577041, these are not compatible with the TSO products. I ended up selling these again because I couldn't get exact straight cuts from it, not sure why. The TSO is more straight forward, very precise and ease of use.
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