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Sander to partner RO125
« on: October 03, 2015, 01:18 AM »
I've built up my Festool collection over more than 10 years.

I've only got, have only ever had and have only ever used one sander - the RO125.

Wait - I've also got the belt sander; but that's a very different tool.

I love my sander and have used it in a squillion different ways.
Can rough remove large volumes with 50 grit and can see my face in the finish following 320 or 400 grit.

I am a hobbyist who makes electric guitars and marimbas and boxes and drums and cheese boards and skate boards and  ...

I often finish with danish oil and carnuba wax; or just wax.
I like a glassy smooth finish.

I don't make anything that doesn't fit on my MFT table.
No doors, tables, cabinets etc

Don't give reasons.
From your gut what is the companion sander I'm missing?
TS55, MFT 1080, PS300, EHL 65, Domino, OF 1010, CTL 22, RO 125, BS75

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Re: Sander to partner RO125
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Re: Sander to partner RO125
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Re: Sander to partner RO125
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DTS need to get into those corners sooner or later.

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Re: Sander to partner RO125
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2015, 02:19 AM »
I agree the DTS 400 would best compliment your RO 125. It does corners, but it is not just for corners, but great with smaller surfaces too.